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Audits and Compliance Reviews

Audits and compliance review are a major component of an export compliance program. Audits are used to identify potential export violations and areas that need improvement, to monitor resource allocation, to confirm that you are compliant, and also as a valuable training tool.

Audits should include compliance requirements and be conducted in all areas of your organization that can impact compliance. Audits should be conducted on a regular basis and evaluate whether the proper procedures are being executed to ensure that your exports are consistent with the United States national security and foreign policies.

Your corporate export management and compliance program audits* should generally cover the following key areas:

  • Process interviews with export personnel and unit managers

  • Examination of the export control checks that are currently in place

  • Examination of daily operational practices vs. your written procedures

  • Review of policies and procedures, guidelines, and systems

  • Review of technology and equipment controls

  • Review of recordkeeping practices

  • Review  non-compliance notification processes

Export Audits and Compliance Reviews

Our export compliance consultants are industry experts and trained in export compliance.

* Please note that these are the general elements of a compliance program audit  only and is not all-inclusive.

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M3 Federal International personnel are experienced in conducting audits and compliance reviews for U.S. Government export regulations. As an independent and un-conflicted third party to your organization's internal auditing team, you can utilize our multifaceted expertise to develop an unbiased audit checklist, perform the audit, provide you with an audit report and advise you of any corrective actions that are required. We can also train your personnel to do internal checks, process reviews, and follow-on audits.

M3 Federal International - A Recognized Leader in Export & Import Compliance

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