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Customs Assistance

M3 Federal International can assist you with regard to customs issues such as responding to questions and customs seizures and delays. Time is critical on a seizure as storage costs are incurred while the item is seized, delivery is delayed and and additional documentation may be required to clear the

Any export and import violations found by Customs could result in loss of goods, large fines, restrictions on further import/export activities, and jail sentences.

Customs agents expect immediate responses to their questions. If delays occur, the Customs agents may just seize the goods. M3 Federal International can assist your organization with responding to customs questions about a shipment in a competent and timely manner.

U.S. Customs Assistance and Export Compliance

Our export compliance consultants are industry experts and trained in export compliance.

Call us today to explore solutions to today's export compliance challenges!

M3 Federal International - A Recognized Leader in Export & Import Compliance

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