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Compliance Manual Development

To ensure that your export decisions adhere to Government regulations and your company's Export Compliance Program we strongly suggest that  you develop a set of written policies and procedures ("Export Compliance Manual") that address all of the program details and steps.

This manual will apply to the entire company organization, and serve as the standard operating procedure guidelines. An integral part of export compliance success lies in training. Having a  written set of export policies and procedures will also serve to ensure  consistent training and education of a your employees. By documenting your company's export policies and procedures your employees will know what is expected from them in their day to day duties and how their actions contribute to the overall success of your Export Compliance Program.

Export Compliance Manual Development

M3 Federal International will develop policies and procedures that uniquely addresses your specific compliance program, its requirements, and your current processes, as well as, provide effective training to all employees to ensure that they possess a working knowledge of the requirements.

 Policies and Procedure Development

It's vital that employee to have access to up-to-date compliance information. Written export compliance policies and procedures should be easily accessible and distributed to all employees, especially those who are responsible for making export decisions during the course of their daily job duties. These policies should be included in the Export Compliance Manual, be updated regularly, and should cover the following key areas: Export Policies and Procedures Development

  • Standards of conduct and ethics
  • Data retention and security
  • Order processing procedures
  • Shipping procedures
  • Order tracking
  • Required form to be files and document retention
  • Product classifications
  • Licensing
  • Screening procedures
  • Foreign travel procedures
  • Risk mitigation for export transactions
  • Reporting of export non-compliance
  • Corrective action for non-compliance
  • Training of personnel
  • Compliance management and identify the point of contacts for export compliance managers and other key export personnel and their area of responsibility

It is essential that your company's Export Compliance Manual and Policies and Procedures educate and instill the importance of export compliance to all personnel and describe the processes and systems that are in place to provide checks and safeguards for all export transactions and activities. M3 Federal International will work with you to develop your company's manual and policies to ensure that your personnel, at all levels, understand how their actions contribute to a successful compliance program.  We will help you develop a written set of policies and procedures that are tailored and specific to your business operations and the compliance regulations for each unit within your operation.

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