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ITAR Licenses and Defense Agreements

The Department of State International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) allows for a number of different types of licenses depending on what the item is, if it's and import or an export, and if it's temporary or permanent. The following are license types for items on the Munitions List. M3 Federal International can provide guidance in requesting these license types.

A DSP-5 is an application and resulting license for the permanent export of unclassified defense articles and related unclassified technical data. This license is also used for authorization for the employment of a foreign national in the United States when those employees will have access to ITAR controlled technical data.

 ITAR Licenses and Defense Agreements
This license type is used for temporary import of defense articles into the United States. U.S. goods that were sold to a foreign owner that are being returned to the United States for overhaul, repair, or an upgrade, would require this license if not exempt under 22CFR 123.4(a). Foreign manufactured defense articles for trade shows and demonstrations would also require this license type.

This application and license is for the temporary export of unclassified defense articles subject to ITAR. This license can be used for specific end users and public trade shows. However, if demonstrations or marketing information will exceed public domain information, a DSP-5 will also be required. Technical data is not authorized under a DSP-73

This license type is used for classified defense articles and related classified technical data. It is used for permanent export, and temporary export or temporary import.

Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA)
The Manufacturing License Agreement is required for defense services, if technical data is given or used to perform the defense services. Both unclassified and classified technical data can be exported in furtherance of an approved manufacturing license in accordance with 22CFR124.3. This license allows for the manufacturing of U.S. defense articles by a foreign person abroad.

Technical Assist Agreement (TAA)
 A Technical Assist Agreement (TAA) is an agreement for the performance of defense services or disclosure of technical data. Unlike a DSP-5, discussions regarding the technical data may be held. A TAA is required for the training of foreign military forces in the use of defense articles. However, manufacturing "know how" is not permitted and authorization to manufacture U.S. defense articles by a foreign person is not granted.

Distribution Agreement
This type of license is an agreement to establish a warehouse or distribution point abroad for defense articles exported from the U.S. Distribution must be in an approved sales territory.

License Provisions
Most licenses approved by the Department of State's DDTC will include provisions, or specific limitations. These limitations must be understood and complied with.

M3 Federal International can help you understand the provisions, train your personnel, and establish compliance programs.


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