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Technology Control Plan DevelopmentTechnology Control Plan (TCP) Development

If you have, or plan to have, contact with foreign entities, either by hosting foreign visitors, hiring foreign national employees, or through joint ventures and/or joint research you may be required to have a Technology Control Plan (TCP). This plan stipulates how your company will control its technology and establishes procedures to protect classified, proprietary and export controlled information, as well as, controls access by foreign visitors and foreign national employees.

In general, a Technology Control Plan* consists of:

  • A description of the information that needs to be protected.

  • The specific measures taken to control facility access, the procedures for controlling access to devices and equipment that contain classified or export controlled information such as computers, fax machines, etc.

  • The measures taken to train and educate personnel on the their responsibilities to control classified and proprietary information, as well as, the consequences for negligent and non-compliant acts.

  • Who will be in charge of compliance and oversight within your company.

The security measures your company puts in place should be tailored to your operations and to the specific threats that have been identified in your specific industry. In many cases, a Technology Control Plan (TCP) will be required and in other cases, it is just good business practice to proactively implement a plan, as implementing a TCP is a good procedure for mitigating the risk associated with these security vulnerabilities. In all cases, M3 Federal International has experienced professionals that can help you develop the right plan.

* Please note that these are only basic elements of a trade compliance program

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At M3 Federal International we recognize that there is no "out of the box" import/export compliance program that will work for every company. We pride ourselves in working with our clients to better understand how they do business so we can make sure that the program we implement is the best possible program for that company.


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